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Styling Tools

SCI Have a wide range of clay modelling tools and accessories available. Click on the links below for further information.

Chavant Styling Tool

Rakes Wires  Steels Finishers
T) 3" Curve A) P40-1/8" L) SC 0.010" Q) F18-2½"
U) 5" Curve B) P40-¼" M) SE 0.010" R) F18-1¾"
V) 3" Strait C) P40-½" N) SD 0.003" S) F18-1¼"
W) 4" Strait D) P40-1" O) SA 0.005"  
X) 6" Strait E) P40-1½" P) SB 0.007"  
  F) P51-1½"    
  G) P51-2"    
  H) B52-1"    
  I) JN4-1½"    
  J) P38-1¼"    
  K) P38-2"


(3" Strait, 3" Curve, F18-2½", P38-1¼", P40-½", P51-1½", B52-1", SE .010mm)

STABA-Profilmeister Profile Gauges 
Probably the best known profile gauges available, the STABA system consists of 20cm straight gauges with metal pins. Each gauge can be linked to another and hinged to allow more complex profiles.

2 x 20cm gauges, in a carrying case
5 x 20cm gauges, in a carrying case

Shim Steel 
6 Assorted Tempered Shims. 
(pack includes sizes - 6" x 12" x 0.005", 0.010", 0.015", 0.020", 0.025", 0.032")

Railway Curves 
Railway curves are manufactured from clear acrylic and supplied in a protective wooden box

30 - 2900mm radii, set of 50, supplied in a protective box
30 - 5000mm radii, set of 100, supplied in a protective box

Thickness Gauge 
Thickness gauge: 0.5" x 25' x 0.004"



** Prices on Application ** 
Please contact us if you would like a quote. 

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